More Fun

Giant Ping

One of the most popular activity is the Giant Ping, also called as mini swing, as it gives a certain level of adrenaline that you get while trying it.

Sky Chair

Sky chair as the name suggests, The chair revolves around a fixed point where two people sit in a chair and get a feeling of being in the sky. You get to enjoy the iconic bridge and splendid view of Kusma.

Wishing Hand

The hand that has emerged out of the hill, where you can walk up the stairs and be on the palm and take beautiful pictures with the bridge and Kusma Bazzar in the background.

Crazy Bridge

Looks easy but it's not, crazy bridge is an obstacle course where you have to carefully step on the plank of wood which is attached to a steel wire while balancing. Since it's wobbly it can be challenging.

Family Ping

If you are not sure but still want to experience a bit of adventure, Family ping is for you. You can share this with your family or friends where two to four people can sit at the same time and enjoy.

Wall Climbing

Wall climbing, spanning 12 meters, demands physical prowess, mental focus, and problem-solving. Ascending it involves gripping holds, strategizing routes, and conquering fear, providing a rewarding adventure for climbers.