Not all adventures lovers want to sacrifice their comfort… For them, we have the solution: a beautifully furnished tent and cottage with comfy beds, proper storage spaces, chilled swing verandas..

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Deluxe Cottage
Deluxe Cottage
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  • Luxury Tent

    Per Couple


    ** Breakfast Included
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  • Deluxe Cottage

    Per Couple


    ** Breakfast Included
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  • Bungy or Swing

    Per Person


  • Tandem Swing

    Per Couple


  • Sky Cafe

    Includes Coffee or Juice, Food Platter, Video


  • Sky Cycle

    With Video



It wasn't easy to get there but we did… and now we know it is possible. Therefore we made it our mission to send this message to all potential entrepreneurs in Nepal believe in your dreams!!!

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