The Cliff

We Do what we like most !

The Cliff was founded in 2013. The initial idea was to start a small, nature and adventure based social enterprise combining our adventure and social backgrounds.

Trust in Kusma’s potential.

When we came to Kusma at the end of 2013, we were struck by the uniqueness and beauty of its landscapes, especially those giant canyons! In our minds the bridges were definitely an amazing base for bungy.

The Journey

We quickly started to build strong relationships with the inhabitants. And they were really keen on welcoming an international scope tourism project.

4 Years of construction

The construction of the bridge started in 2016. It was a challenge on many levels and it took 2 years to complete. In 2020, our luxury resort was finished. Now we started another adventure : building the spirit of the resort!

Innovative Management

We believe in the power of local business. From our funding (100% Nepali) to the sourcing of our materials and of course, our team. 

Uniqueness & Unity

Value each and every team member for their uniqueness and what they have to offer in their specific role while promoting team spirit and collaboration at every level. Everyone is essential to the team and the team is essential for everyone. 

Team members

Team members are invited to be responsible for their own part but also, if necessary, to get involved in helping other team members to ensure the smooth running of the company and promote team spirit. 

The Concept

It wasn’t easy to get there but we did… and now we know it is possible. Therefore we made it our mission to send this message to all potential entrepreneurs in Nepal believe in your dreams!!!

While meeting the needs of thrill seekers, The Cliff also aims at enhancing the local economy, protect the environment and its inhabitants.

Our aim is to offer an unforgettable stay filled with extraordinary activities for everyone daring enough.

Meter Long
Meter High
Millions NPR Invest
Years of Hard Work

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