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Bungee jump: 228 Meters

Originally a rite of passage to adulthood, bungee jump has crossed borders and ages. It let's you experience the out of this world feeling of free falling. Our jump's height makes it not only very impressive but also really smooth on the rebounces.

Swing Jump : 228 Meters

The swing jump, less famous than the bungee, is nonetheless very impressive. The dynamic rope used and the pendular movement makes for a longer free fall and the soft catching up of the rope gives the jumpers a real flight sensation.

Tandem swing : 228 Meters

Alone is nice together is better, book on jump with your friend, partner, or whatever ! Share this amazing moment and make it even more memorable!

Sky Cycling: World's Longest (600m) and Highest (255m)

The newly introduced sky cycle is definitely something you can experience at your own pace unlike bungy and swing, Steel wire suspended 300 (600 m both ways) meters at a height of 255 meters above the bank of kali gandaki river definitely gives you chill. But as you get with it, you tend to forget the fear and start to enjoy the ride.All you need to do is pedal and enjoy!!!

Sky Gliding

Steel cable suspended from one tower to another which is 110m apart, Sky Gliding gives you the experience of surfing in the air. You are fully secure with a harness, all you need to do is stand on the wooden board attached to the cable from top and bottom and ready to enjoy Nepal's only Sky gliding.

Other Activities

Wishing Hand

The hand that has emerged out of the hill, where you can walk up the stairs and be on the palm and take beautiful pictures with the bridge and Kusma Bazzar in the background.

Sky Chair

Sky chair as the name suggests, The chair revolves around a fixed point where two people sit in a chair and get a feeling of being in the sky. You get to enjoy the iconic bridge and splendid view of Kusma.

Family Ping

If you are not sure but still want to experience a bit of adventure, Family ping is for you. You can share this with your family or friends where two to four people can sit at the same time and enjoy.

Sky Cafe

Sounds unusual, Sky cafe is arguably the world's highest cafe where you can enjoy meal with your loved ones, enjoying the breathtaking view of the Kaligandaki Gorge. You can also see people cycle next to you and do the bungy and the swing locally popular as Kushma Bungy and swing.

Giant Ping

One of the most popular activity is the Giant Ping, it is also called as mini swing, as it gives a certain level of adrenaline that you get while doing the Swing.

Crazy Bridge

Looks easy but it's not, crazy bridge is an obstacle course where you have to carefully step on the plank of wood which is attached to a steel wire while balancing. Since it's wobbly it can be challenging.

Horse Riding

It's always good to have options, famous for Bungy you also can get to involve those less adventurous in different other activities, among others horse riding is definitely a popular sport to be part of.

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